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TEKSER Technical Ceramics, Inc. was founded in 1980 by MS Chemical Engineer, Mr. Hüseyin Yüksel ERGEN who was an expert in ceramic production industry. After producing the first industrial ceramic in Türkiye in 1978, he realised that the installation of such ceramics require a high level of expertise unlike the regular ceramic installations. He established the first companies to focus on industrial ceramic applications in Türkiye. These companies became the basis for TEKSER which got its present day status in 1987 as a privately owned corporation.

TEKSER gained a huge experience by serving almost 80% of the food and beverage industry in Türkiye, which made her an expert in industrial ceramic tiled floors of new and old (renovated) factories. Three of her partners being chemical engineers, the company has specially formalised chemicals that are integral part of their turn-key tiling systems. In 1996 TEKSER started applying the renown European Vibration System of Tiling. In 2005 TEKSER decided to expand its services out of Türkiye.
Today the company has completed over a 1800 projects with almost 2.5 million m2 of successfully installed industrial tile systems in more than 60 countries in Middle East, Russia and Turkic Republics, East Europe, North and continental Africa, South Asia, North America for many local and global companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, SAB Miller, Carlsberg, Unilever, Danone, Dr Oetker, Pepsi, Efes Pilsen, Tuborg, Cheetos, Ülker, Sütaş, Nestle, Real-Metro Group, Carrefour, Migros, VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc. (A full detailed reference list is presented upon request). In the last years TEKSER introduced the state of the art invention – the PanelGUARD® – for the hygenic protection of the PU Panel walls and cold room panel walls which are widely used in food and beverage industries.


The company is having above a hundred highly trained tiling technicians and assures her clients that, as a part of her turn-key global warranty system, at least 70% of her teams at all times in the job-sites will constitute of technicians with 10 years of experience and above. At present TEKSER serves with her 120 trained and experienced tiling technicians at the job-sites and 30 employees at the head quarters and warehouses in Istanbul.

The expertise and dedication of her partners and employees made TEKSER one of the best – if not the best – tiling contractors acting globally, thanks to the trust of her clients whom she is proud to serve as a reliable solution partner.


Before Establishment

First projects of Mr. Yüksel Ergen at Tuborg and Pinar Diary prior to the foundation of the company.


Establishment of TEKSER Inc.

Foundation of the unlimited company and providing services to heavy industrial facilities (Petro chemical plants and oil refineries), acid pools and anti corrosive ceramic floors in addition to food processing plants.



Establishment of TEKSER Inc. and forming the current status of company.


First Application in Automotive Industry

Realization of the industrial ceramics applications in the automotive industry.


First International Contacts

Starting to establish international contacts and first mechanical epoxy grout applications.


First Vibration Applications

Performing the first application of Vibrated Ceramic Installation, and opening branches in the United Kingdom, Canada and United States.


Technoflo® Epoxy Grout Material

As the chemical engineers to be partners of the company, Technoflo Epoxy Grout Material has been formulated by special studies and 3rd version of this product tested by independent laboratories has been still in use.


United States and Canada

Branches with the United States and Canada, TEKSER executed it's first international projects in the United States first hypermarket applications have been started.


Istanbul-based Projects

U.S., Canada and the UK offices were closed, as the Istanbul-based Project management has been implemented.


TEKSER is in Russia

Starting to work in Russia.


First Hexagon Application

First project in installation of hexagon tiles


Expanding the International Marketspace

As a result of its reputation and aceptance of its quality in the international field, TEKSER has decided to expand it's market.


North Africa and Middle East

Projects in North Africa and Middle East and ex Soviet Republics have been performed.



PanelGUARD® R&D and Production Starts.


TEKSER Netherlands

TEKSER BV, Netherlands Established and TCRETE® Seamless Floor Branded


The Worldwide Company

41 years, 58 Countries, Over a 1800 Projects and TEKSER is a Globally Leading Industrial Tile Contractor .