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PanelGUARD®-Flex PG-F 100 / PG-F 150

TEKSER panelguard Flex
"Truly a Work of Art in Protection of Cold Store Panels & Walls."

What is panelguard Flex ?

TEKSER PanelGUARD®-Flex, has a flexible body and is made up of thermoplastic polymers. This flexible body protects the panels walls by absorbing the impacts of pallet jack and lighter traffic vehicles on panels walls. It provides a hygienic finish at the level of skirting. It can be produced and applied continuously up to 4 meters. It is produced in two heights: 100 mm and 150 mm. It can be used in combination with accessories of the same flex structure on higher sections of panels and corners.

panelguard Flex 100
PG-Flex 100
PanelGUARD Logo Flex 150
PG-Flex 150

PG-Flex Köşe PG-Flex Köşe


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