• Hexagonal Tiles

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Everything that is expected from a floor installation... The floor installation system that makes you say “This is it...” with its specialties such as nonwear, unbreakable, appropriate to every kind of traffic with its special shape and thickness, minimum grout gap, almost seamless look and decorativeness.

  • The most resistant floor installation for mechanic, thermal and chemical loads with its special shape, thickness and non continuing narrow joints.
  • Because of the speciality of hexagonal tiles, slopes steeper than square or rectangular tiles can be given with no lipping problems.
  • Because the edges of tiles are short and joints are non continuous in hexagonal tiles, even the heavy loads on small wheels can be easily supported.
  • By using vibration tiling system, a smooth surface that has the highest durability to both shear and compression loads can be attained.
  • Narrow joint spaces (1,5-2 mm) are possible, by this way a homogeneous floor can be gained and by mechanical grouting bending of epoxy in the joints is prevented, resulting in maximum flatness.
  • It supplies all types of anti-slip functions to a ceramic floor. Especially in wet and oily floor conditions, with hexagon tiles it is much more easier to get an anti-slip finish and still have an easy to clean and secure working floor for employees.

Hexagonal Ceramic Dimensions

Hexagonal Ceramic Types

Hexagonal Tiles Technical Characteristics

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"Technical values: tested according to DIN EN ISO 10545 Section 1-16 Hexagon porcelain comply in all tested properties with the requirements of material Norm DIN EN 14441, Section G, Group B I and UGL."