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PanelGUARD® Accessories PG-F Corner / PG-F Ring / PG-F Band / PG-Lite W / PG-Bollard

TEKSER panelguard Accessories
"Truly a Work of Art in Protection of Cold Store Panels & Walls."

panelguard Accessory Products

PG-F Corner
For protection of external corners. Produced upto 4 meters long as one piece in flex body.
PG-F Ring

For hygienic finishings around pipes, circular or eliptic building elements. It can be applied on circles starting from 100 mm diameter and above. It has flex body.

PG-Flex Corner ve PG-Flex Ring

PG-Lite W

Having the same body structure and thickness with PanelGuard-Lite, it is fixed at any height on the panels to protect the panels against a wide range of impacts and against all types of scratches. It comes in pieces of 1000 mm length.



Our Bollard product is 90 mm in diameter, 800 mm in height and 2.5 mm in thickness, made of stainless material completely filled with mortar, and if desired, yellow electro-static paint option is available.

Bollards are applied in order to protect the gates against the possible dammages caused by forklifts, carrying vehicles and moving equipments etc. Click here for the assembly steps.

PG-Flex PG-Lite W




 PG-Bollard Installation Steps

Method of application: The floor is drilled with coring machine to the level of main concrete. The inside of the formed cavity is cleaned and filled with epoxy mortar. Then the bollard is placed in this space, its length is adjusted and anchorage is provided with the help of the rods under it. The epoxy grout, filled in the cavity during application overflows from the sides and fills all the voids around the bollard. Then it is cleaned and left to dry. A day later, a flexible joint is created by applying roving and sealant to the space between the ceramic and the bollard. If aesthetically desired, the process is terminated by applying PG-F Ring.

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