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Resistant floors are vital elements in any industrial facility. Floors are the bases of all production and all machines sit and operate on the floor. Like in the selection of the machine equipment parks, similar precision and care should be taken for the selection, preparation and application of industrial flooring systems, since the efficiency obtained from these valuable investments will highly depend on the floor that will carry them. Only an experienced professional team can solve the technical details on a floor. Unprofessional solutions decrease life cycle of a floor as well as resulting in decorative mistakes.

TEKSER services include the survey of all types of industrial flooring needs and problems with the floors, defects diagnosis in new construction, specifying the solutions, and providing consultancy and expert sight. TEKSER uses its knowledge of the technologies, processes and chemicals these floors are subjected to, as well as end-user needs, to sharpen its focus on preserving the utility value of industrial facilities and reducing operating costs.


The TEKSER provides a complete system regarding the life-cycle of the project: DESIGN, APPLICATION, MAINTENANCE and WARRANTY!

We offer our services around the globe.

Application is done according to your choice of slope plan, tile and the installation system. All details are applied by our professional team.