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PowerHEX Industrial Floors with Hexagonal Ceramic Tiles


"Durable, reliable and long lasting"

The durability of the floors in an industrial facility depends on the selection of the best materials and appropriate installation methods starting from planning and construction of a building. In particular the food industry requires high quality choices exceeding standards. The advantage of hexagonal tiles result from the thickness and shape of the tile. On wet surfaces exposed to chemicals, installation of hexagonal tiles by Tecnoflo Epoxy adhesive and vibration method provides the highest possible mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties. The main advantages compared to other applications:

TEKSER Powerhex Advantages:

  • Higher mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance
  • The hexagonal shape allows the creation of perfect slopes. The water from production flows into the drains by the shortest road.
  • The different surface textures of the hexagonal tile allow applications of different safety requirements.
  • Using the vibration method in hexagon tile installation provides more flat and heavy load standing surfaces.
  • The hexagonal form is ideal for the protection of tile edges especially when heavy loaded rollers pass over the joints.

  • It supplies all types of anti-slip functions to a ceramic floor. Especially in wet and oily floor conditions, with hexagon tiles it is much more easier to get an anti-slip finish and still have an easy to clean and secure working floor for employees.
  • Because of its small size, the deviation from surface flatness is minimum. This way it allows a better surface flatness than even the large sized tiles.

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